100 Streets: Jim O’Hanlon’s Ensemble Drama, Led by Idris Elba and Gemma Atherton, Set in London

Three extraordinary stories about life, loss and love intersect in the ensemble drama 100 Streets.

The film is available on Blu-ray and DVD March 7, 2017.

A powerful drama, 100 Streets follows three contrasting and interwoven stories as they play out in one square mile of modern-day London.

Idris Elba plays Max, a former rugby player, who struggles to find a life off the field while fighting to save his marriage to former actress Emily (Gemma Arterton).

Kingsley (Franz Drameh) is a small time drug dealer desperately seeking a way off the street.  While completing his community service for a misdemeanor, Kinsley meets Terence (Ken Stott), a local thespian, who gives him the push he needs out of his dead end life and into a very different, creative world.

George (Charlie Creed-Miles), a cab driver, and his wife Kathy (Kierston Wareing) dream of having kids, but a devastating road accident puts their hopes on hold even testing their otherwise strong marriage.

Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton lead a top-notch British cast in this bold and compelling look at three disparate Londoners whose lives interweave in unexpected ways as they face major life changes.

Directed by Jim O’Hanlon, 100 STREETS also stars Tom Cullen (TV’s “Downton Abbey”), Franz Drameh (CW’s Legends of Tomorrow), Charlie Creed-Miles (TV’s “Peaky Blinders”), Kierston Wareing (TV’s “EastEnders”) and Ken Stott (The Hobbit trilogy).

The Blu-ray and DVD release of the film comes with the featurette, “A Look Inside 100 Streets”, where viewers can go behind-the-scenes of the film’s extraordinary intersecting stories.

Bonus Features Include:

  • A Look Inside 100 Streets


100 Streets was written by Leon F. Butler and produced by Butler, Pippa Cross, Idris Elba and Ros Hubbard.

Executive producers are John Caudwell, Xavier Alcan, Thomas R. Atherton, Justin Bache, Janette Day, Mark Denney, Natasha Dwyer, and Joe Hutchinson. It has a run time of approximately 95 minutes and is unrated.