• 1 Oscar Directors: A to Z (Winners and Nominees)–American Vs. Foreigners

    Research in Progress (Oct 22, 2021)   American-Born (and U.K., Irish, Welsh, Australians and English-Speaking Countries) Abrahamson, Lenny: Allen, Woody Altman, Robert Anderson, Michael Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Aronofsky, Darren Ashby, Hal Attenborough, Richard Avildsen, John G. Barrymore, Lionel Beatty, Warren Beaumont, Harry Benigni, Roberto Benton Robert Beresford, Bruce Bigelow, Kathryn Bogdanovich, Peter Boorman, […]

    Oscar Directors: Ford, John–Auteur, Vision, Genre, Individual Vs. Community

    Research in Progress: Oct 18, 2021 John Ford as Auteur: There is  a John Ford world with a distinctive look to it. He had a definite historical perspective ad unified vision of the world. John Wayne is the quintessential hero; Maureen O’Hara the quintessential heroine Ford Vs. Hawks: Individual Vs. Community Leo Braudy has claimed […]

    Movie Stars: Reed, Oliver–Background, Career, Awards

    Robert Oliver Reed (February 13, 1938–May 2, 1999) was an English actor known for his upper-middle class, macho image and “hellraiser” lifestyle. Notable films include The Trap (1966), playing Bill Sikes in the Best Picture Oscar winner Oliver! (1968), Women in Love (1969), Hannibal Brooks (1969), The Devils (1971), Athos in The Three Musketeers (1973) […]

    John Wayne: Filmography, 1926-1976–Greatest Star in Film History

    John Wayne: Filmography, 1926-1979 1926 Brown of Harvard Yale, Football Jack Conway (uncredited) Bardelys the Magnificent Guard King Vidor (Uncredited) The Great K & A Train Robbery Extra Lewis Seiler (Uncredited) 1927 Annie Laurie Extra John S. Robertson Uncredited The Draw-Back Opposing Football Player Norman Taurog Short; uncredited The Drop Kick Extra Millard Webb Uncredited; […]

    Oscar Actors: Locke, Sondra–Background, Career, Awards

    Research in Progress: Oct 16, 2021 Sondra Locke Career Summary: Occupational Inheritance: No Social Class: father military, mother factory worker Race/Ethnicity/Religion Family: father died before she was born Education: Training: Teacher/Inspirational Figure: Radio Debut: TV Debut: Stage Debut: Broadway Debut: Film Debut: Breakthrough Role: The Heart Is Lonely Hunter, 1968; aged 24 Oscar Role: The […]

    Oscar Directors: August, Bille–Background, Career, Award

    Research in Progress: Oct 13, 2020 Bille August Career Summation Occupational Inheritance: Nationality: Denmark Social Class: Race/Ethnicity: Family: Formal Education: Training: National Film School of Denmark; he began career as cinematographer. First Film: My Life, 1978; aged 30 Breakthrough: First Oscar Nomination: Gap between First Film and First Nom: Other Oscars: Other Oscar Nominations: Oscar […]

    Oscar Directors: Wicki, Bernhardt (Austrian Born German Filmmaker–The Bridge, Morituri) (Strangers in Paradise)

    He became internationally famous with his 1959 anti-war film Die Brücke (The Bridge), which was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

    Oscar Directors: Bardem, Juan Antonio (Spanish)–Death of a Cyclist, Vengeance

    A member of the Communist Party, Bardem was jailed after making the neorealist-influenced Death of a Cyclist (1955), a film which, along with Calle Mayor (1956), won him international acclaim.

    Cukor: Hollywood’s Best Actor Director

    George Cukor was without a doubt Hollywood’s best actor director–Joseph L. Mankiewicz, director of All About Eve My work really begins and ends through the actors, the more successfully you work through the actors, the more your own work disappears–George Cukor Because of his great distinction as a filmmaker, George Cukor’s earlier theatrical work has […]

    Movie Stars: Allyson, June–Detailed Profile

    Research in Progress: Oct 7, 2021 Career Summary: Occupational Inheritance: No Birth: Bronx, New York City Social Class: when 6 months, alcoholic father, who had worked as a janitor, abandoned the family; brought up in near poverty; mother, phone operator and restaurant cashier Race/Ethnicity/Religion: Family: poor (upward mobiliy) Education: Training: Ned Wayburn Dancing Academy Teacher/Inspirational […]

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