Snakes on a Plane: New Line Official Line

New Line has finally made an official statement about the eagerly awaited horror flick, “Snakes on a Plane.”

In a statement titled “Snakes on an Urban Myth,” the studio provides a look at some of the most common misconceptions about their campy film, out in theaters Friday, August 18.

Film's Title

Fiction: The original title for Snakes on a Plane was Pacific Air 121.

Fact: The real genesis of Snakes began with a screenplay written nearly a decade ago by David Dallesandro called “Venom.”

That script, whcih told the story of one snake that gets loose on a plane, caught the attention of producer Craig Berenson, who bought the underlying rights to the material with the idea of one day turning it into something biger, better, deadlier

Years later, Berenson's assistant, John Hffernan, sparked the idea and penned a new version of the story which would eventually be called Pacific Air 121 for a brief period of time, before settling on its ultimate title: “Snakes on a Plane.”

Jackson's Famous Line

Fiction: The famous Samuel Jackson line that was added to the film is “I want these mother fuckin' snakes off this mother-fuckin' plane!”

Fact: It's true that, in response to the overwhelming fan interest in the film, a line of dialogue was added to the film for Jackson to deliver. However, the real line that made it into the final cut is, “Enough is enough! I've had it with these mother-fuckin' snakes on this mother-fuckin's plane!

Nature of Snakes

Fiction: The sankes in the movie are all CGI.

Fact: It may help you sleep at night to believe that all the snakes in the film were computer generated, but the production actually used more than 400 live snakes during the shoot.

Can snakes get loose on a plane

Fiction: Snakes could never actually get loose on a plane.

Fact: Tell that to West Virginia pilot Monty Coles. He recently found himself face to face with a four-and-a-half-foot black snake that was peering out at him from his plane's instrument panel as he prepared to land over soouther ohio, according to AP story.

At 3,000 feet, Coles grabbed the snake in one hand and made an emergency landing with the other. As he told the control tower: “I have one had full of snake and the other full of plane.”

Not just a movie

Fiction: Snakes on a Plane is just a movie title.

Fact: Quite to the contrary, Snakes on a Plane has become a true piece of pop culture sland. As originally defined by a writer in Aug 2005 blog posting: “The phrase has come to symbolize a sort of philosophy. Somewhere in between 'C'est la vie,' 'Whattya goon do' and “Shit happens.'”