Real D: Global Leader in 3D

November 16, 2007–REAL D, the global leader in 3D, today announced that its next-generation 3D cinema experience reaches over 1100 screens as of press time, surpassing the companys previously announced milestone of 1000 screens for the release of Paramounts Beowulf on November 16, and outpacing industry estimates. Most moviegoers who see Beowulf in 3D will see it in REAL D 3D, the largest global 3D cinema platform.

The expansion of REAL D 3D screens to over 1100 is a milestone in bringing the most advanced 3D visual experience to moviegoers everywhere, said Michael V. Lewis, REAL D chairman, CEO, and co-founder. We estimated that wed be at 1000 screens for Beowulf, but we passed that mark in early October. Clearly, the next generation of digital 3D is already here in REAL D.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, said: 3D has the opportunity to be the most important innovation in film since the use of color in motion pictures. The rollout of REAL D 3D to well over 1,000 screens globally is the beginning of a very viable and very exciting platform for filmmakers to tell their stories in 3D.

Steve Starkey, ImageMovers, Producer, said: “On the release of the film Beowulf, I think we are about to witness the enormous impact that 3D will have on motion pictures. The creation and the expansion of Real D arrived at a time to fully take advantage of a film that was perfectly suited for the 3-D experience.”

REAL D is the global leader in 3D, bringing the most advanced and enjoyable digital 3D experience to cinemas worldwide. REAL Ds next-generation technology, deployed across the worlds largest 3D platform in 24 countries, provides a stunningly realistic viewing experience beyond the usual concepts of 3D cinema. The impact of 3D upon todays moviemaking has been compared to the advent of color film when once there was only black and white.

REAL D estimates 4,000 to 5,000 REAL D 3D screens globally by 2009.