Nope: Footage Kicks Off Universal’s CinemaCon Presentation

Universal teased the new film from the horror maestro as part of its upcoming slate shown to theater owners at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.


That is how Jordan Peele answered whether he was going to present new footage of his Universal film today at CinemaCon.

It’s also the title of his new horror film, and the maestro has always loved keeping the mystery surrounding his projects like Us and Get Out before audiences get to experience the ride.

“The discovery and the surprise of it is part of the fun,” Peele said at brief Q&A, during which he was joined on stage inside Caesars Palace by Anthony Fykes of Next Act Cinema in Pikesville, Maryland.

It’s the first Black-owned theater in the Baltimore area. Universal paired talent during each presentation with exhibition insiders as a way to honor their contributions in keeping doors open. “Trailers will give you a taste, but we want to retain some of the mystery, so you can be satisfied going to the damn movie,” he continued.

But he was only joking about holding back the footage, as he did present an extended trailer that shed more light on the mystery. However, Peele did ask the audience (filled with 3,000 or so exhibition insiders) to be discreet and not reveal any details of the footage, as it’s not going to be seen by the rest of the world “for several more weeks.”

His request will be honored here, but what can be revealed is that he said the film was shot in 65 mm and IMAX, technology that allowed him to “capture incredible images” with new techniques that he says has never been seen before. “This is definitely a ride. I like titles that are into how the audience is feeling and reflect on what they are thinking and feeling in the theater,” Peele explained. “I’m going to personally thrive on the number of times that we hear ‘Nope’ in the theater.”

Opening July 2 from Universal and Blumhouse, Nope marks Peele’s third film with Universal and also reprsents a reunion with Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya, who became an A-list performer after starring in Peele’s Get Out. Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Barbie Ferreira, Brandon Perea and Michael Wincott also star in the film. Details are slight on the plot, but what is known is that it involves an unidentified flying object and a Black-owned ranch that caters to Hollywood productions.