Magnum P.I. Female-Centric Reboot: Magnum’s Daughter

ABC is developing a new sequel series to Magnum P.I. based on the original, this time around with a female-centric twist, about Magnum’s daughter.

The project, which landed a script, is from writer John Rogers, who will executive produce with Eva Longoria, Ben Spector and Jennifer Court. Universal TV is the studio.

The sequel is described as Magnum’s daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm. She and her friends mix tropical beaches with the seedy underbelly of international crime and modern espionage, as she tries to unravel the mystery of the blown spy operation that ended her career in Navy Intelligence.

The original “Magnum P.I.” ran on CBS from 1980 to 1988, with Tom Selleck taking on the title role of Thomas Magnum.

Selleck earned a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for his portrayal of the private investigator, and became a TV heartthrob.

The character of Lily was introduced on the original series as a young child, the daughter of Thomas and his wife Michele, who was presumed dead. After Michele and her second husband were killed, Lily and Thomas were reunited, but her fate was not determined. It’s unclear if the sequel series will stay true to the backstory.

New TV Reboots

This project is the latest TV reboot.  Projects based on “The Lost Boys,” “Varsity Blues” and “The Departed” have been put into development.  This current TV season is bringing back “Lethal Weapon,” “The Exorcist,” and “MacGyver.”