IT (Innovative Theatre) Awards 2007 Set for September 10

April 19, 2007–The IT Awards (New York Innovative Theatre Awards), the organization dedicated to celebrating Off-Off-Broadway, is gearing up for its exciting 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony. SAVE THE DATE, scheduled for September 10th, 2007. The deadline for the 2007 Honorary Award applications is May 1, 2007.

“We are honored and thrilled to add Lisa Stevenson, Director of Member Services of A.R.T./NY, and William Russo, Managing Director of Playwrights Horizons, to the Honorary Awards Committee,” said Leonard Jacobs, National Theatre Editor of Back Stage and chair of the committee. “Lisa and Bill bring a strong commitment to the Off-Off-Broadway community to the committee, and we are eager to benefit from their expertise.”

The 3 Honorary Awards include:

The Artistic Achievement Award, presented to an individual who has made a significant artistic contribution to the Off-Off-Broadway community;

The Stewardship Award, presented to an individual or organization demonstrating a significant contribution to the Off-Off-Broadway community through service, support and leadership;

The Caffe Cino Fellowship Award, presented to an Off-Off-Broadway theatre company that consistently produces outstanding work. This award also includes a grant to be used toward an Off-Off-Broadway production.

The Honorary Awards Committee is composed of 19 theatre professionals with a vested interest in the Off-Off-Broadway community. Joining the committee this year is Lisa Stevenson, Director of the Member Services, Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./NY), and William Russo, General Manager, Playwrights Horizons. (A complete list of Honorary Committee members follows.)

The IT Awards are given annually to honor individuals and organizations who have achieved artistic excellence in Off-Off-Broadway theatre. The New York IT Awards recognizes the unique and essential role Off-Off-Broadway plays in contributing to American and global culture, and believes that publicly recognizing excellence in Off-Off-Broadway theatre will expand audience awareness and appreciation of the full New York theatre experience.

2007 New York Innovative Theatre Awards Committee

Leonard Jacobs Committee Chair
National Theatre Editor
Back Stage

Paul Adams
Emerging Artists Theatre
Artistic Director

Dan Bacalzo
Managing Editor

Christopher Borg
Off-Off-Broadway Actor & Director

Jason Bowcutt
New York IT Awards
Executive Director

Tim Errickson
Bommerang Theatre Company
Artistic Director

Thecla Farrell
Castillo Theatre Company
Outreach Coordinator

Constance Congdon

Shay Gines
New York IT Awards
Executive Director

Ben Hodges
Editor, Theatre World
Executive Director,
The Learning Theatre Inc.

Blake Lawrence
Artistic Associate
Keen Company

Bob Lee
American Opera Projects
President of the Board of Directors

Nick Micozzi
New York IT Awards
Executive Director

William Russo
Playwrights Horizons
General Manager

Risa Shoup
Programming Director

Nicky Paraiso
Curator for Performance

Lisa Stevenson
Member Services Coordinator

Akia Squiterri
Rising Sun Performance Company
Artistic Director

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