Hollywood Scandals 2018: More Sexual Allegations Against Charlie Rose

“CBS This Morning” co-anchor Gayle King spoke out on Thursday’s edition of the show about the latest allegations aimed at Charlie Rose and CBS News management

This marks another entry into the growing list of on-air moments stemming from sexual harassment charges leveled at prominent news personalities.

“CBS This Morning” covered the report in Thursday’s Washington Post that some 27 additional women have come forward with allegations about sexually charged and inappropriate conduct by Rose. The Post report detailed claims that CBS News management had been made aware of at least three complaints about Rose over a 30-year period.

King addressed the Post report while sitting at the anchor table with substitute “CBS This Morning” anchors Bianna Golodryga and Anthony Mason. It wasn’t the first time she had to confront on-air troubling allegations about a person that she still considers a friend.

Rose was fired by CBS News and PBS in November when a previous Washington Post report detailed assertions from eight women about sexual advances and other misconduct by Rose, most of which occurred in connection with the production of his nightly PBS program “Charlie Rose.”