Hollywood Ending: Ken Auletta’s New Book about Harvey Weinstein–Huge Commercial Flop (Only 2600 Copies Sold)

Auletta’s Book Fails to Launch, Has Sold Just 2,600 Copies Since Release

Enough is Enough?

It appears people have finally had enough of the Harvey Weinstein story: “Hollywood Ending,” the new book from media reporter Ken Auletta, has fizzled in its first three weeks of sales with only 2,600 copies sold.

NPD BookScan, which tracks print book sales in the U.S., reported Thursday that 690 copies were sold last week, the book’s third week of publication. A total of 1,533 copies were sold in the first week, which dropped to 375 the following week. That brought total sales to 2,598. (E-sales are recorded separately, about two months after a print release.)

It’s “a pretty weak debut for a book from a writer of this caliber, on a topic that was this significant at the time that it happened,” NPD analyst Kristen McLean told TheWrap.

Martha’s Vinyard: 3 Copies Sold!

Even on Martha’s Vineyard, where Weinstein once spent summers at sprawling vacation home, the local Edgartown bookstore has sold only 3 copies.

“If you want to know why I think it hasn’t sold, my guess is that people are distancing themselves from hard things right now,” said Mathew Tombers, manager of Edgartown Books in an email. “Since the invasion of Ukraine, customers [and I include myself] have wanted to stay away from hard, [nonfiction] books” – especially those contending with ‘the troubles of our times’.”

When the studio mogul was exposed as serial rapist and abuser, a media maelstrom whipped into action, churning articles, podcasts, documentaries – and two highly successful books.

Auletta, the vet New Yorker writer who profiled Weinstein in 2002, finally published his own opus this year.

“Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence” published by Penguin was marketed as a deep-dive into Weinstein’s origins, featuring exclusive interviews, fresh reporting and correspondence with the man himself from his jail cell.

But since the book hit shelves on July 12, it has gotten no traction commercially.

“Hollywood Ending” never cracked the USA Today Top 150 Weekly Best Sellers list, nor the New York Times Best Sellers list. It currently sits at #6,619 on Amazon Books and #18,465 on Barnes & Noble.com.