Bond 25: Italy’s Southern Town of Matera, Major Site

The ancient southern Italian town of Matera will serve as major site for the next–still untitled–Bond movie.

Variety Reports:

The town of 60,000 people will provide the setting for what is expected to become “Bond 25’s” prologue action sequence, similar to “Spectre’s” opening segment in Mexico City during Day of the Dead celebrations.

Preparations to accommodate a large production company for the shoot, which is expected to take place in late July, are already underway.

Matera’s prehistoric whitewashed caves also provided the backdrops for the Jerusalem set of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

Italy has been featured frequently in the Bond franchise, most recently in “Spectre,” which boasted a high-speed chase along the river Tiber in Rome, among other scenes.

The opening scene of “Quantum of Solace” started with a car chase along Lake Garda and then segued to Siena during the Palio horse race.