A League of Their Own: Reimagining (Not Remake) of Penny Marshall’s 1992 Pioneering Movie


A League of Their Own co-creators and co-showrunners Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson discuss their “reimagining” of the iconic movie about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

“We don’t really think of this as a reboot of the movie as much as a kind of reimagining of these stories,” Graham says. “It all comes from real history. Part of why people at first might not think that is because we don’t really tell joyful stories about queer people at this point in history.”

The duo also discussed meeting with former AAGPBL players, including Maybelle Blair — who recently came out at the ripe old age of 95 — on what it was like in the early 1940s to be queer and play in the league.

“The fact that she did just come out at 95 shows you how hidden that was, and what that must have felt like to find a community that was this little pocket within the league and to feel seen and that way,” Jacobson says.