Vice: Christian Bale’s Oscar Card?

Christian Bale has been nominated several times for the Oscars, and has won once, Best Supporting Actor for David O. Russell’s The Fighter.

And now there’s talk of another Oscar nod, for playing former Vice President Dick Cheney, in Adam McKay’s dramedy, Vice

The actors and filmmakers knew that it’s inevitable that viewers will make ties between the film and the current political administration and its chief, President Donald Trump.

On the red carpet for the premiere of Vice, Bale said that he had met the current president while filming “The Dark Knight Rises” back in 2011.

“I met him, one time, we were filming on ‘Batman’ in Trump Tower and he said, ‘Come on up to the office.’”

“I think he thought I was Bruce Wayne,” Bale joked, “because I was dressed as Bruce Wayne. So he talked to me like I was Bruce Wayne and I just went along with it, really. It was quite entertaining. I had no idea at the time that he would think about running for president.”