Oscar 2011: James Franco and Anne Hathaway–Co-Hosts

James Franco and Anne Hathaway will co-host the 83rd Academy Awards February 27.

Hathaway, who originally turned down her invitation to host the event, finally agreed after hearing that James Franco would be her co-host. “I thought that [hosting with James Franco] is kinda crazy enough that it could work,” Hathaway said.

James Franco said that he “loves” the chemistry he shares with fellow actress Anne Hathaway and they are both very excited to host the event together.

Hathaway and Franco both grew up in a households that watched the Oscars religiously. Franco said the Oscars were very important to his mother and she only missed it once while giving birth to Franco’s brother. Hathaway said her whole family would sit in their den and watch the Oscars together.

Perhaps because of this, both Hathaway and Franco emphasized that the 83rd Oscars will focus on the “magic of Hollywood” and will offer a look back at the greatest films of all time. Franco elaborates, “it’s the idea that movies are enduring and that each new generation discovers the old films.” Hathaway says that this is the “Oscars for everyone” and it will look back at “amazing magical movie moments – the classic ones – and I guess we’re inviting everybody to get swept up in them.”

Hathaway also expressed her excitement about involving the P.S. 22 5th grade choir from State Island in the Academy Awards performances.

Additionally, Franco stated that there would be “many more surprises.”

The 83rd Academy Awards will be broadcast live beginning at 4 PM PT, February 27.

The video clips of James Franco and Anne Hathaway are available in the Video section.