Oscar: Winning Documentaries (Features)

Oscar-Winning Documentaries (Features)

Churchill’s Island (41)

Battle of Midway (42–tie)

Kokoda Front Line (42–tie)

Moscow Strikes Back (42–tie)

Prelude to War (42–tie)

Desert Victory (43)

The Fighting Lady (44)

The True Glory (45)

Design For Death (47)

The Secret Land (48)

Daybreak in Udi (49)

The Titan: Story of Michelangelo (50)

Kon-Tiki (51)

The Sea Around us (52)

The Living Desert (53)

The Vanishing Prairie (54)

Helen Keller in her Story (55)

The Silent World (56)

Albert Scweitzer (57)

White Wilderness (58)

Serengeti Shall Not Die (59)

The Horse with the flying Tail (60)

Le Ciel et la Boue (Sky Above and Mud Beneath) (61)

Black Fox (62)

Robert Frost: A Lover’s Quarrel With the World (63)

Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s World Without Sun (64)

The Elanor rosevelt Story (65)

The War Game (66)

The Anderson Platoon (67)

Journey into Self (68)

Arthur Rubinstein–the Love of Life (69)

Woodstock (70)

The Hellstrom Chronicle (71)

Marjoe (72)

The Great American Cowboy (73)

Hearts and Minds (74)

The Man who Skied Down Everest (75)

Harlan County USA (76)

Who Are the DeBolts and Where Did they get Nineteen Kids(77)

Scared Straight! (78)

Best Boy (79)

From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China (80)

Genocide (81)

Just Another Missing Kid (82)

He Makes me Feel Like Dancin’ (83)

The Times of Harvey Milk (84)

Broken Rainbow (85)

Artie Shaw: Time is all you’ve Got (86–tie)

Down and out in America (86–tie)

The Ten Year Lunch;the wit and Legend (87)

Hotel Teminus: The Life and times of Klause Barbie (88)

common Threads: Stories from the Quilt(89)

American Dream (90)

In the shadow of the Stars (91)

The Panama Deception (92)