Oscar Show 2015: Simmons, J.K.–Supporting Actor for Whiplash

JK Simmons:

“Maybe more people saw me tonight than see me in the commercials, actually, for the first time. This is the cherry on top of this extraordinary experience that Whiplash has been for me,” said Simmons. When asked what advice he’d give aspiring actors, he said: “I read a very romantic book when I was young, when I was in college, Rilke‘s Letters to a Young Poet. I’ve always felt that if you’re in any artistic or creative endeavor and you feel there’s something else you could do and be happy, you should do something else. … If you can look deeply in yourself and honestly there is nothing else that can bring you happiness, then there you go.” The actor was also asked to compare his career now at such a high point compared to “leaner times.” “It’s definitely more tiring than the lean times,” he joked. “In the lean times, you get plenty of sleep and you’re not flying around. For me, the lean times were a wonderful time of my life. I was struggling for many years. I didn’t have a wife and kids to support, so I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities. I look back on those times with great fondness.”