Oscar Show 2015: Moore, Graham–Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game

Graham Moore, best adapted screenplay winner for The Imitation Game:

Moore was asked about his revelation in his speech that he’d attempted suicide when he was 16. “Depression is something I have dealt with every single day of my life since then,” he said, thanking his family and friends for their support. He said since his teenage years he’d been “obsessed” with the story of Alan Turing, whose WWII code-breaking he dramatized in The Imitation Game. “Alan was always the outsider’s outsider who never fit in his own time for so many reasons — because he was the smartest man in every room he entered, because he was a gay man in a time when that was illegal, and then because he was keeping all these government secrets,” he said and quipped, “All wartime thrillers should be about mathematics, right?” He recounted how he and his friends have held an Oscar predictions pool for the past 15 years, admitting that while he usually won, tonight he lost because he had not predicted his own win. “I’m getting a lot of texts from my friends, who are proud of me for winning an Oscar and even more proud because they won the pool.”