Oscar Speeches: Niven, David–Separate Tables

An excited David Niven, who won the 1958 Best Actor at his first (and only) nomination for Separate Tables, admitted: “I’m so loaded down with good-luck charms I could hardly make the steps.”

The following day, Niven published a big “Thank You” in the trade magazines: “In the full glare and under the stress of ‘Oscar Night’ (if one is lucky enough to be the winner), it is almost impossible not to be corny in the wording of ones thanks. May I now, in the cold light of the morning after, thank from the bottom of my heart, not only those who voted for me, but those who did not vote for me, those who could not vote for me, and those who would not have voted for me in a million years even if they could have voted for me. In other words, I want to thank all show business where, in the midst of the most wonderful and crazy people, I have spent the happiest years of my life.

Love to All,

David Niven