Oscar Movies: Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

United Artists (Edward Small-Arthur Hornblow Productions)

Oscar Nominations: 6

Picture, produced by Arthur Hornblow, Jr.
Director: Billy Wilder
Actor: Charles Laughton
Supporting Actress: Elsa Lanchester
Film Editing: Daniel Mandell
Sound: Gordon Sawyer (Goldwyn Sound Department)

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context

In 1957, “Bridge on the River Kwai” was not the most nominated picture. That honored was claimed by “Sayonara,” with 10 nominations, and the small-town melodrama “Peyton Place,” with 9. The other two nominees were courtroom dramas: Sidney Lumet's brilliant feature debut, “Twelve Angry Men” and Billy Wilder's “Witness for the Prosecution.”

“Bridge on the River Kwai” won in every category it was nominated but Supporting Actor, which went to Red Buttons in “Sayonara,” a film that also garnered Supporting Actress for Miyoshi Umeki, even though Lanchester was frontrunner in the pre-Oscar polls.

Three of the Best Picture nominees, “Peyton Place,” “Twelve Angry Men,” and “Witness for the Prosecution” didn't win any awards.