Oscar Movies: Unmarried Woman, an (1978)

Oscar Nominations: 3

Picture, produced by Paul Mazursky and Tony Ray
Actress: Jill Clayburgh
Screenplay (Original): Paul Mazursky

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

In 1978, “An Unmarried Woman” competed for the Best Picture Oscar with Michael Cimino's “The Deer Hunter,” which won, Jerome Hellman's “Coming Home,” Warren Beatty and Buck Henry's “Heaven Can Wait,” and Alan Parker's thriller “Midnight Express.”

Mazursky was the only helmer of a Best Picture nominee who did not get a directing nod from his peers at the Academy. His position was taken by Woody Allen, then at the height of his career, who received Best Director nomination for “Interiors.”

Jill Clayburgh lost the Oscar to Jane Fonda in “Coming Home,” which also won Original Screenplay for Nancy Dowd's story and Waldo Salt and Robert C. Jones' screenplay. Clayburgh received another Best Actress nomination the following year, for Alan Pakula's comedy, “Starting Over.”