Oscar Movies: Touch of Class, A (1973)

Avco Embassy (UK): Brut Production

Oscar Nominations: 5

Picture, produced by Mlevin Frank
Actress: Glenda Jackson
Story and Screenplay (Adapted): Melvin Frank and Jack Rose
Song: “All That Love Went to Waste,” music by George Barrie, lyrics by Sammy Cahn
Original Dramatic Score; John Cameron

Oscar Awards: 1


Oscar Context:

In 1973, the big Oscar winner was “The Sting,” which won 7 out of its 10 awards, including Picture, Director, Screenplay for David Ward, and other Oscars.

“A Touch of Class” competed for the top award with a diverse group of films: George Lucas' “American Graffiti,” Ingmar Bergman's Swedish-language drama. “Cries and Whispers,” and William Friedkin's special-effects horror saga, “The Exorcist.”

Glenda Jackson received her Second Best Actress in three years; the first was in 1970 for “Women in Love.”

The winner of Best Song were Marvin Hamlisch and Marilyn and Alan Bergman for the title tune of the romantic melodrama, “The Way We Were,” a film that also won Hamlisch the Score Oscar.