Oscar Movies: Swing Time: Best Astaire-Rogers

0jzuqtmmnsn“Swing Time” is the best Astaire-Rogers RKO musicals, boasting Astaire’s virtuoso “Bojangles” dance and one of the most stunning and intimate dances with Ginger Rogers, “Pick Yourself Up.”

In the same year, Astaire and Rogers made another great musical, “Follow the Fleet.” Some critics claim that “Swing Time” is the best teaming of the stars, while others prefer “Top Hat.”  Either way, “Swing Time” is terrific entertainment.

The sixth of RKO’s Fred Astaire -Ginger Rogers dance musicals of the 1930s, “Swing Time” starts off with bandleader Astaire getting cold feet on his wedding day.

Oscar Nominations: 2

Best Song, “The Way You Look Tonight,” music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Dorothy Fields.

Dance Direction: Hermes Pan (a category that existed only several years

Oscar Awards: 1

Best Song

Oscar Context

The winner of the Dance Direction Oscar was Seymour Felix for Ä Pretty Girl is Like a Melody,” from the movie “The Great Ziegfeld,” which also won the Best Picture Oscar


Fred Astaire as John “Lucky” Garnett

Ginger Rogers as Penelope “Penny” Carrol

Victor Moore as Pop

Helen Broderick as Mabel Anderson

Eric Blore as Mr. Gordon

Betty Furness as Margaret Watson