Oscar Movies: Sting, The


Oscar Awards:

The Sting won 7 Oscars out of its 10 nominations:

Picture: Tony Bill, Michael Phillips, Julia Phillips, producers Director: George Roy Hill Story and Screenplay (Adapted): David Ward Art Direction-Set Decoration: Henry Bumstead, James Payne ScoringOriginal or Adapted: Marvyn Hamlisch Editing: William Reynolds Costume Design: Edith Head

Oscar Nominations

The film lost in 3 categories:

Actor: Robert Redford Cinematography: Robert Surtees Sound: Ronald K. Pierce and Robert Bertrand

Oscar Context

Released to mostly good reviews, “The Sting” ranks high on Variety's All-Time Champions list. The abundantly charming movie boasts Scott Joplin's exuberant piano rags, which were adapted by Marvin Hamlisch and became popular throughout the country.

Still, many felt that blockbusters like The Sting had no business being nominated for Oscars in the first place, let alone win Best Picture.

In 1973, “The Sting” competed for the top award with Lucas' “American Graffit,” Ingmar Bergman's “Cries and Whispers,” the horror-thriller “The Exorcist,” and the romantic comedy, “A Touch of Class.”