Oscar Movies: Sorrel and Son Starring H.B. Warner

A silent film released on December 2, 1927, Sorrel and Son was nominated for the Best Director Oscar in the first year of the awards, which honored achievements for 1927-1928.

Based on the 1925 best-selling novel of the same name by Warwick Deeping, Sorrell and Son was adapted by Elizabeth Meehan and scripted and directed by Herbert Brenon. The tale revolves around a man who, after his wife leaves him, dedicates his life t0 his ungrateful son.

“Sorrel and Son” has been remade twice, once as a 1933 film with H.B. Warner, who repeated his role as Stephen Sorrell, and as a British TV serial in 1984.

The 1927 version was considered lost for many years, but in 2005, a partially restored print was found and shown.

The Directing Oscar went to Frank Borzage for Seventh Heaven.