Oscar Movies: Seven Samurai


Kingsley International Pictures (Toho Productions)

For many critics, Akira Samurai's “Seven Samurai” is the ultimate Samurai movie, sort of a textbook of an epic picture that's both very violent and also about how to make a violent movie.

Oscar Alert

The film qualified for Oscar nominations in 1956, two years after it was made, when it first received theatrical distribution in the U.S.

Oscar Nominations: 2

Art Direction-set Decoration: Takashi Matusyama
Costume Design: Kohei Ezaki

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

In 1956, the Art Direction Oscar went to Robert Wise's “Somebody There Likes Me,” and the Costume Design to Jean Louis for “The Solid Gold Cadillac.”

Takashi Matsuyama (and H. Motsumoto) were previously Oscar-nominated for Kurosawa's “Rashomon,” in 1952.