Oscar Movies: Secrets & Lies (1996)

Oscar Alert:

Oscar nominations: 5

October release

Produced by Simon Channing-Williams.

Director: Mike Leigh

Screenplay (Original: Mike Leigh

Actress: Brenda Blethyn

Supporting Actress: Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The 1996 Oscar‑winning epic, “The English Patient,” is an intelligent adaptation by Anthony Minghella of Michael Ondaatje’s novel about a mysterious man (Ralph Fiennes) who is badly wounded in a World War II plane crash in the African desert.

Sweeping most (nine) of the Oscars in 1996, “The English Patient” easily beating out the other four contenders:  “Jerry Maguire,” the only Hollywood movie, and a comedy at that, in competition; the Coen brothers’ American crime indie “Fargo,” Mike Leigh’s British working class drama “Secrets & Lies,” and the Aussie biopic “Shine.”

Frances McDormand won the Best Actress Oscar for “Fargo.”