Oscar Movies: Room at the Top (1959)

Rumulus Films Production

Oscar Nominations: 6

Picture, produced by John Woolf and James Woolf
Director: Jack Clayton
Actress: Simone Signoret
Actor: Laurence Harvey
Supporting Actress: Hermione Baddeley
Screenplay (Adapted): Neil Patterson

Awards: 2

Screenplay (Adapted)

Oscar Context

In 1959, Room at the Top competed for the Best Picture Oscar with the historical epic “Ben-Hur,” which swept most of the Oscars, including Best Picture, Director and Actor for Charlton Heston, Otto Preminger's courtroom drama “Anatomy of Murder,” George Stevens' holocaust drama “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and Fred Zinnemann's “The Nun's Story.” The winner of the Supporting Actress was Shelley Winters for “The Diary of Anne Frank.”