Oscar Movies: Pygmalion


Oscar Nominations: 4

Picture, produced by Gabriel Pascal
Screenplay: George Bernard Shaw, adaptation by Ian Dalrymple, Cecil Lewis, and W. P. Lipscomb
Actor: Leslie Howard
Actress: Wendy Hiller

Oscar Awards: 1


Oscar Context

In 1938, no less than ten films competed for the Best Picture Oscar: “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” “Alexander's Ragtime Band,” “Boys Town,” “The Citadel,” “Four Daughters,” “Grand Illusion,” “Jezebel,” “Pgymalion,” “Test Pilot,” and “You Can's Take It With you,” which won.

Frank Capra, who directed You Can't, won his third Oscar in 5 years! This was the second nomination for Leslie Howard, and the first for lead nomination for Wendy Hiller, who won a Supporting Actress Oscar in 1958 for “Separate Tables.”

The musical, “My Fair Lady,” based on Shaw's “Pygmalion” and the stage hit, swept the 1964 Oscars.