Oscar Movies: Prizzi's Honor (1985)

ABC (Motion Pictures Production)

Oscar nominations: 8

Picture, produced by John Foreman
Director: John Huston
Screenplay (Adapted): Richard Condon and Janet Roach
Actor: Jack Nicholson
Supporting Actor: William Hickey
Supporting Actress: Anjelica Huston
Film Editing: Rudi Fehr and Kaja Fehr
Costume Design: Donfeld

Oscar Awards: 1

Supporting Actress

Oscar Context

The most nominated films in 1985 were “Out of Africa” and “The Color Purple, each with 11 nods. “Out of Africa” swept most of the Oscars, including Best Picture and Director for Sydney Pollack. The other two Best Picture nominees were “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” with four, and “Witness,” which like “Prizzi's Honor,” was nominated in eight categories.

Of the five nominees, “Prizzi's Honor” and “Color Purple” boasted the largest number of acting nominees, each three.

The most commercially successful of the five, “Color Purple,” emerged as the biggest loser that year, failing to receive a single award.