Oscar Movies: Portrait of Jennie (1948)

Based on the novel by Robert Nathan, “Portrait of Jennie” is one of the most handsomely produced romantic fantasies, lagely due to producer David O. Selznick's passion for the project and obsession to make his wife Jennifer Jones a major Hollywood star.

Production values are polished in every department: Cinematography (Joseph August), music (by composer Dimitri Tiomkin, who based his themes on the works of Debussy), and, above al, sensitive direction by William Dieterle.

Oscar Nominations: 2

Cinematography: Joseph August

Special Effects: Visuals by Paul Eagler, J. McMillan Johnson, Russell Shearman, and Clarence Slifter; sound by Charles Freeman and James G. Stewart.

Oscar Awards: 1

Special Effects

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Cinematography Oscar was William Daniels for the noir drama, “The Naked City.”

RatingL PG-13.

Running time: 86 Minutes.

Directed by William Dieterle

Screenplay (Adapted) bu Paul Osborn

DVD: November 28, 2000


Joseph Cotten as Eben Adams

Jennifer Jones as Jennie Appleton

Ethel Barrymore as Miss Spinney

David Wayne as Gus O'Toole

Lillian Gish as Mother Mary of Mercy

Florence Bates as Mrs. Jekes the Landlady