Oscar Movies: Places in the Heart (1984)


Oscar nominations: 7

Picture, produced by Arlene Donovan
Director: Robert Benton
Screenplay (Original): Robert Benton
Actress: Sally Field
Supporting Actor: John Malkovich
Supporting Actress: Lindsay Crouse
Costume Design: Anne Roth

Oscar awards: 2


Oscar Context

In 1984, “Place in the Heart” competed for the Best Picture Oscar with “Amadeus,” which swept most of the Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Milos Forman, “The Killing Fields,” “A Passage to India,” and “A Soldier's Story.”

Sally Field won her second Best Actress in five years; the first Oscar was for “Norma Rae.” The Supporting Actor winner was Haing S. Ngor for “The Killing Fields,” and the Supporting Actress Dame Peggy Ashcroft for “A Passage to India.”