Oscar Movies: Pedestrian, The (1973): Starring, Written and Directed by Maximilian Schell

Written and directed by Maximillian Schell, this Oscar nominated film from the Federal Republic of Germany tells the story of a German industrialist who’s accused  by a ndwespaper of war crimes done in Greece in 1943.

The case is debated on TV and the man’s guilt is intriguingly linked  to the Vietnam War and other current events.

No doubt that staure of Schell, who won the 1961 Best Actor Oscar for Judgment at Nuremberg elevated the visibility of the film.

Among the cameo appearances are vet actresses Peggy Ashcroft and Elizabeth Bergner.

Oscar Context:

The winner of the 1973 Best Foreign Language Oscar was the French entry, Francois Truffat’s comedy, Day for Night.