Oscar Movies: Moonstruck (1987)

Oscar Nominations: 6

Produced by Patrick Palmer and Norman Jewison
Director: Norman Jewison
Screenplay (Original): John Patrick Shanley
Actress: Cher
Supporting Actress: Olympia Dukakis
Supporting Actor: Vincent Gardenia

Oscar Awards: 3

Supporting Actress

Oscar Context

Bernardo Bertolucci’s historical epic “The Last Emperor” swept most (nine) of the 1987 Oscars, and it’s one of the few films in the Academy’s history to have won in each and every nominated category. The four other Best Picture nominees were: James L. Brooks’ “Broadcast News,” Adrian Lyne’s “Fatal Attraction,” and John Boorman’s autobiographical “Hope and Glory.”

Sean Connery won the Supporting Actor Oscar for “The Untouchables.”