Oscar Movies: Mississippi Gambler (1953)–Starring Tyronne Power

In The Mississippi Gambler, Tyrone Power plays Mark Fallon, an adventurer in New Orleans, who spends his time gambling, fighting and swordplay.

He courts Angelique Duroux (Piper Laurie), but she chooses to marry wealthy Ron Randell; the other woman, Mark Fallon, is played Julie Adams, who’s enamored with Fallon

The plot builds to a showdown at the card table with Angelique’s ill-tempered brother (John Baer).

The film is directed by Rudolph Mate, who is better known as a cinematographer.


Made by Universal


Oscar Nominations: 1

Sound Recording: Leslie I. Carey

Oscar Context

The winner was John Livadary for From Here to Eternity.

Running time: 99 Minutes