Oscar Movies: Mardi Gras (1958)–Musical Starring Pat Boone

Singer Pat Boone made the colorful musical Mardi Gras3D at  the height of his popularity.

In this silly romance, directed by Edmund Goulding, a group of Virginia Military Institute cadets organize a raffle: the “prize” is French movie star Michelle Marton (Christine Carere), queen of the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Boone plays cadet Pat Newell, who meets and falls in love with Michelle, not knowing her true identity.

Sadly, this was the last picture directed by Goulding, who had never been nominated for an Oscar, though he directed Grand Hotel, the 1932 Best Picture, Dark Victory, and other classic melodramas.

Running time: 107 Minutes

Released: November 18, 1958.

Oscar nominations: 1

Scoring of musical: Lionel Newman

Oscar Context:

The winner was Andre Previn for Gigi.