Oscar Movies: Manhattan Merry-Go Round (1937)–Musical Comedy

In this musical comedy, a corrupt record producer (Len Carrillo)uses his mob connections to get top performers to do their stuff.

Things change when the gangster’s tactics cause problems to the singers’ personal lives.

Among the entertainers who appear are cowboy crooner Gene Autry, baseball hero Joe DiMaggio, and big band stars Cab Calloway, Ted Lewis, and the Kay Thompson Singers.

Songs include “Mamma I Wanna Make Rhythm,” “Manhattan Merry-Go-Round,” “Heaven?,” “I Owe You,” and “It’s Round-up Time in Reno.”

The legit cast includes Phil Regan, Ann Dvorak, and James Gleason.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Interior Decoration: John Victor Mackay


Oscar Context:

The winner was Stephen Goosson for Lost Horizon.


Running time: 89 minutes.

Directed By: Charles Reisner

Written By: Frank Hummert and Harry Sauber


November 26, 1937