Oscar Movies: Manhattan Melodrama (1934)


Melodrama” was made by MGM in the same year that Gable appeared in Columbia’s IT Happened One Night, for which he received his first of three Best Actor nominations and his only Academy Award.

“Manhattan Melodrama” became more famous and infamous, as the one that real-life gangster John Dillinger attended on the night he was killed, with clips shown in those later films.

The structure of the tale, an epic saga of sort of kids who are intimate friends but growing up to be enemies, was used in many pictures, including “Ängels with Dirty Faces” and “Cry of the City.”

Arthur Caesar who wrote the story won the Oscar, though the screenplay was written by Oliver H.P. Garrett and Joseph L. Mankiewicz , before he became a director.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Original Story: Arthur Caesar

Oscar Awards: 1


Running time: 93 Minutes.
Directed By: W.S. Van Dyke , George Cukor
Written By: Oliver H.P. Garrett, Joseph L. Mankiewicz
DVD: August 7, 2007