Oscar Movies: Make a Wish (1937)–Starring Child Singer Bobby Breen

Child star singer Bobby Breen croons his way into the viewers hearts in the Depression era tale, Make a Wish.

Directed by Kurt Neuman, Make a Wish is based on a story by Gertrude Berg, better known for “Molly Goldberg.”

While vacationing at a boys’ camp, the rambunctious Chip (Breen) befriends a famous composer, Selden (Basil Rathbone). Stuck for an inspiration for his latest operetta, Selden finds it when he meets Chip’s mother, Irene (Marion Claire), a popular singer.

But Irene’s stiff fiance (Ralph Forbes) won’t let return to the stage, sending Rathbone into depression and writers’ block.  Rest assure that Bobby Breen will resolve all the problems in time for Irene to debut in Selden’s latest masterpiece.

The cast includes Henry Armetta, Leon Errol and Donald Meek as a trio of songwriters.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Score: Hugo Riesenfeld

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner was Deanna Durbin’s musical One Hundred Men and a Girl


Running time: 80 minutes.