Oscar Movies: Love Story (1970)


Oscar Nominations: 7

Picture, produced by Howard G. Minsky
Director: Arthur Hiller.
Story and Screenplay (Original): Erich Segal
Actor: Ryan O'Neal
Actress: Ali MacGraw
Supporting Actor: John Marley
Original Song: Francis Lay

Oscar Awards: 1

Original Song

Oscar Context

In 1970, “Love Story” competed for the Best Picture Oscar with the the war movie “Patton,” which won Picture, Best Actor for George C. Scott, and other awards, the schlocky disaster flick “Airport,” which inexplicably received 10 nominations, but won only one (Supporting Actress to veteran Helen Hayes); “Five Easy Pieces,” which was nominated for 4, but didn't win any Oscar; and “M-A-S-H,” the first Robert Altman to be nominated for the top award.

The three categories in which “Patton” lost were Cinematography, which went to Freddie Young for the David Lean romantic epic, “Ryan's Daughter;” Score, which honored Francis Lai for “Love Story,” and Special Visual Effects, which was given to the war movie, “Tora! Tora! Tora!”