Oscar Movies: Love Parade, The (1930)

The Love Parade (1930)

Oscar Nominations: 6

Best Picture (Paramount), produced by Ernst Lubitsch
Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Actor: Maurice Chevalier
Cinematography: Victor Milner
Interior decoration: Hans Dreier
Sound Recording: Franklin Hansen

Oscar Award:

The first big loser in Oscars history, losing in each and every category

Oscar Context

The Best Picture (or Production, as it was then called) went to All Quiet on the western Front, and Lewis Milestone won the Director Oscar for that picture. George Arliss won the Actor for Disraeli;nces Marion for The Big House. Joseph T. Rucker and Willard Van Der Veer won Cinematography for With Byrd at the South Pole; Herman Rosse won Interior Decoration for King of Jazz; Douglas Shearer (Norma Shearers brother) won the first Oscar for Sound for The Big House.