Oscar Movies: Li’l Abner (1956)–Musical of Stage Version

This screen version of the Broadway musical based on the Al Capp comic strip was adapted by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, who also disredted.

With a few exceptions, the musical stars many of the original cast members: Peter Palmer as Lí’l Abnser, Stubby Kaye as Marryin’Sam, Howard St. John as General Bullmoose, and Julie Newmar as Stupefyin” Jones.

Some of the songs, by Johnny Mercer and Gene DePaul, are wonderful, including Jubilation T. Cornpone and Namely You.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Scoring of Musical: Nelson Riddle and Joseph J. Lilley

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winners of the Scoring Oscar were Andre Previn and Ken Darby for Porgy and Bess