Oscar Movies: Letters from Marusia (1975)

Directed by Miguel Littin, a Chilen exile in Mexcico, Letters from Marusia is et in 1907, depciting the Chilean militia massacres of striking miners.

The movie, Mexico’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar, is a grip and depressing political allegory of life under the dictatorial Pinochet.


Oscar Nominations: 1

Best Foreign Language Oscar

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Best Foreign Language Oscar was Dersu Uzala by Akira Kurosawa.



Running time: 61 Minutes.

Directed by Jean de Limur

 April 13, 1929.


Jeanne Eagels as Leslie Crosbie

O.P. Heggi as Joyce

Reginald Owe as Robert Crosbie

Herbert Marshall as Geoffrey Hammond

Irene Browne as Mrs. Joyce