Oscar Movies: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

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Nominations: 10

Picture, produced by Sam Spiegel
Director: David Lean
Screenplay (adapted) Robert Bolt
Actor: Peter O'Toole
Supporting Actor: Omar Sharif
Cinematography (color): Fred A. Young
Editing: Anne V. Coates
Score (original): Maurice Jarre
Art Direction-Set Decoration: John Box, John Stoll, Dario Simoni
Sound: John Cox

Oscar Awards: 7

The film won in most of its nominated categories, losing Actor, Supporting Actor, and Screenplay.

Oscar Context

In 1962, “Lawrence of Arabia” competed for the Best Picture Oscar with the WWII “The Longest Day,” the musical “Music Man,” the remake of “Mutiny of the Bounty,” this time with Brando in the Clark Gable role, and the Depression courtroom drama “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which next to “Lawrence” received the largest number of nominations (8).