Oscar Movies: Julie (1956)

Vet filmmaker Andrew L. Stone wrote and directed this mediocre thriller about a woman named Julie Benton (Doris Day) whose second husband, Lyle Benton, a concert pianist (Louis Jordan) had murdered her first husband.

Julie, fearful of her possessive hubby, leaves Lyle, seeking protection with a country club acquaintance, Cliff Henderson (Barry Sullivan).

The San Francisco police, realizing Julie’s danger, begins to close in on her to protect her, but she inadvertently misses them.

In the film’s finale, Julie returns to her old stewardess job, failing to realize that Lyle has boarded the plane, planning to murder the crew, incvluding herself.

Silent film star Mae Marsh, appears as hysterical passenger.

For those who want to see Doris Day in a good thriller, please check our “Midnight Lace,” opposite Rex Harrison as Day’s menacing husband.

Oscar Nominations: 2

Screenplay (Original): Andrew L. Stone

Song: “Julie,” music by Leith Stevens, lyrics by Tom Adair

Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:

The winner of the Writing Oscar was Albert Lamorisse for the French film, “The Red Balloon” (a shor film with no dialogue!)

The Song Oscar was won by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans for “Que Sera Sera,” “Whatever Will Be, Will Be,” also sung by Doris Day.


Doris Day as Julie Benton

Louis Jourdan as Lyle Benton

Barry Sullivan as Cliff Henderson

Frank Lovejoy as Detective Capt. Pringle

John Gallaudet as Detective Cole


Running time: 99 Minutes.

Released October 17, 1956.