Oscar Movies: Journey of Natty Gann (1985)

Disney’s children’s adventure, The Journey of Natty Gann, directed by Jeremy Kagan, stars Meredith Salenger in the title role. During the Depression, Natty’s father (Ray Wise) is forced to take a job in Northwestern lumber camp, leaving his daughter behind in Chicago.

Tired of waiting for him to bring her, Natty runs away from her guardian (Lainie Kazan), jumping atop a freight to her dad’s camp.

Along the way, she meets a vagabond (John Cusack) and a juvenile delinquent (Barry Miller) and is protected on her journey by a friendly wolf.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Costume Design: Albert Wolsky

Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:

The Costume Design Oscar went to Emi Wada for Kurosawa’s spectacular historical epic “Ran.”


Rating: PG.

Running time: 101 Minutes

Released September 27, 1985.

DVD: May 21, 2002



Meredith Salenger as Natty Gann

John Cusack as Harry

Ray Wise as Saul Gann

Scatman Crothers as Sherman

Barry Miller as Parker

Lainie Kazan as Connie