Oscar Movies: Joan of Paris (1942)


In the beginning of this tale, directed by Robert Stevenson, an early French Underground drama, an offscreen radio voice announces the Nazi invasion of France.

The lovely French actress Michèle Morgan (who was in exile in Hollywood during WWII) plays a Parisian barmaid named Joan whose patron saint is the historic figure and icon Joan of Arc.

As such, she considers it her duty—her calling–to help Free French pilot Paul Lavallier (Paul Henreid) and his RAF comrades in their efforts to escape from occupied France.  The villian of the piece is Gestapo chief Herr Funk (Laird Cregar).

You can spot Alan Ladd, who became a star later that year, as one of the RAF members.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Scoring of Drama or Comedy: Roy Webb

Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:


The Scoring Oscar went to Max Steiner for the Bette Davis melodrama, “Now,Voyager.”

Running time: 91 Minutes.

Released January 20, 1942.



Michèle Morgan as Joan

Paul Henreid as Paul Lavallier

Thomas Mitchell as Father Antoine

Laird Cregar as Herr Funk

May Robson as Mlle. Rosay

Alexander Granach as Gestapo Agent