Oscar Movies: I Remember Mama (1948)

Oscar Nominations: 5

Actress: Irene Dunne

Supporting Actress: Barbara Bel Geddes

Supporting Actress: Ellen Corby

Supporting Actor: Oscar Homolka

Cinematography (b/w): Nicholas Musuraca

Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:


The winner of the Best Actress Oscar was Jane Wyman for “Johnny Belinda.”  This was the fifth and last Oscar nomination of Irene Dunne, who never won a competitive Oscar.  It was also one of her last pictures before retiring from the screen in 1952.

Claire Trevor won the Supporting Actress Oscar (at her second nomination) for “Key Largo,” directed by John Huston.  Huston also directed that year”The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” for which his father, Walter Huston, received the Supporting Actor.

William Daniels was honored with the Cinematography Oscar for the noir film, “The Naked City.”

Running Time: 134 Minutes