Oscar Movies: Human Comedy, The (1943)


Oscar Nominations: 5

Picture, produced by Clarence Brown
Story (Original): William Saroyan
Director: Clarence Brown
Actor: Mickey Rooney
Cinematography (b/w): Harry Stradling

Oscar Awards: 1

Story (Original)

Oscar Context

This was the last year, in which ten films were nominated for Best Picture. In 1944, the top category was standardized to include five nominees (as in most categories).

In 1943, “The Human Comedy” competed for the Best Picture Oscar with “Casablanca” (which won), “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “The Human Comedy,” “In Which We Serve,” “Madame Curie,” “The More the Merrier,” “The Ox-Bow Incident,” “The Song of Bernadette,” and “Watch on the Rhine.”

The most nominated films were “The Song of Bernadette” (12), followed by “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (9). Though at the top of his form, Bogart lost the Oscar to Paul Lukas for “Watch on the Rhine,” which won the Best Picture from the New York Film Critics Circle.

Michael Curtiz won the Director Oscar for “Casablanca,” and Arthur Miller the Cinematography (b/w) for “The Song of Bernadette.”