Oscar Movies: Howards of Virginia (1940): Civil War Drama Starring Cary Grant

The Howards of Virginia, like most Hollywood films about the Revolutionary War, was a commercial failure that even mega-stars like Cary Grant could not help.

The story takes place in the capital city of Williamsburg, Virginia, where Matt Howard (Grant) dedicates himself to the causes of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

His faithful wife, Jane Peyton Howard (Martha Scott) is the sister of unregenerate royalist Fleetwood Peyton (Cedric Hardwicke).

Other historical personages include Thomas Jefferson and George Washington (played respectively by Richard Carlson and George Houston).

There is depiction of the Stamp Act riots, the Boston Tea Party, and Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty” speech, but Frank Lloyd’s direction is flat and dull and his coverage of the expected issues barely adequate.

The Howards of Virginia proved more suitable for schoolroom showings and discussions.


Oscar Nominations: 2

Sound Recording: Jack Whitney.

Original Score: Richard Hagemen


Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The Sound Oscar went to Douglas Shearer for Strike Up the Band, and the Original Score to Pinocchio.


Running time: 115 minutes.

Directed by Frank Lloyd

Written by Sidney Buchman

DVD: Mar 25, 2003