Oscar Movies: Heiress, The (1949)


Oscar Nominations: 7

Picture, produced by William Wyler
Director: William Wyler
Actress: Olivia De Havilland
Supporting Actor: Ralph Richardson
Cinematography (b/w): Leo Tover
Art Direction-Set Decoration (B/w): John Meehan and Harry Horner
Costume Design (b/w): Edith Head and Gile Steele
Scoring: Aaron Copland

Oscar Awards: 4

Art Direction
Costume Design

Oscar Context

In 1949, “The Heiress” competed for the Best Picture Oscar with “All the King's Men,” which won, the marriage satire “A Letter to Three Wives,” and two WWII films, “Battleground” and “Twelve O'Clock High.”

This was Olivia De Havilland's second Best Actress Oscar, after winning for “To Each His Own,” in 1946. Ralph Richardson lost the Supporting Actor Oscar to Dean Jagger in “Twelve O'Clock High.”