Oscar Movies: Grand Illusion

(La Grande Illusion)

(French, Realization d'Art Cinematographique)

Jean Renoir's masterpiece “Grand Illusion” (“La Grande Illusion”) was the first foreign-language film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. A separate category for foreign films was established in 1956.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Picture, produced by Frank Rollmer and Albert Pinkovitc

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context

Jean Renoir's classic anti-war drama “Grand Illusion” competed for the Best Picture with nine other films: Capra's You Can't Take It Away,” which won, “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” “Alexander's Ragtime Band,” “Boys Town,” “The Citadel,” “Four Daughters,” “Jezebel,” “Pygmalion,” and “Test Pilot.”

Jean Renoir, son of the famous painter would receive just one Oscar nomination, Best Director for “The Southerner,” his American-made film, in 1945.

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